Age 60: Sudden Thin, Fine Vertical Lines on Cheeks - Cause and What to Do?

Have been using ProX age repair lotion and wrinkle smoothing cream for about 90 days. All of a sudden I have several thin fine vertical lines on the left side of cheek which are growing in length and number of lines. Is this part of the skin correction process or are these products damaging my skin? I have stopped using. What else can I do to remove/solve problem.

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Doubtful that skin cream causing wrinkles

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Although I used to believe that patients were crazy when they told me fine lines developed over night, I now know that it does happen very rapidly in some people, either due to stress, hormone changes, or causes that are unknown.  But, I do not think a skin cream could cause fine lines to develop unless you were using a prescription steroid cream. 

The best way to get rid of find lines is to resurface these lines or "burn" the lines away from the top of the skin, either chemically or with a laser.  I commonly use a 30-35% TCA peel or a Total Fx laser treatment.  Both treatment are very effective for fine lines. Even RetinA is effective at eliminating fine lines around the eyes and some other fine lines in thin-skinned areas of the face.


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