30 Y/O Under Eye Extreme Wrinkles. Best Treatment Approach? (photo)

I'm 30 yo and have under eye wrinkles that are more noticeable when I smile. They don't seem to be there when my face muscles are not moving. My skin is very sensitive and it reacts to almost every eye cream lotion. most of them burn and I have to wash them off. I want to look my age. Which treatment approach is best for me? Surgery or laser?

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Under-eye wrinkles

Hello Kathychi.  Although nothing beats an office consultation to allow full examination of your eyes, based on your small photo and description of your concerns, my assessment is that you have hyperactive lower orbicularis oculi muscles that contract on animation, leading to significant wrinkling of the skin.  This can usually be treated with a little neurotoxin into the area, such as Botox or Dysport, to help relax the muscle.  Since you are younger, you probably do not have much loose skin or sun damage that would necessitate more aggressive treatments such as lasering or a blepharoplasty surgery.  Hope that helps! -Dr.92660

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