Is There a Permanent Solution to Fine Lines and Wrinkles?

I am 27 and I am trying to figure out what procedure to use for my fine horizontal lines on my forehead, two semi-deep vertical line in between my eyes, and deep lines running vertically from my nose to my lips(smile lines?). The bottom line is I want to see a reduction in wrinkles and lines. Results! What do you advise? (I don't care much for botox/jervaderm etc I want something much more permanent! - laser? other?)

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Wrinkles on the forehead

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Regardless of your feelings about Botox, you require it to keep the lines in check because they are caused by the muscles that Botox treats.  You can't just treat the skin level with lasers and expect "permanent" changes because the muscles will start working and make the lines again in a few years.

Permanent Solution to Forehead Lines

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The permanent way to smooth the forehead lines to to permanently injure the nerve powering the Frontalis muscle of the forehead - something no surgeon would willingly do. Muscle movement is described as ANIMATION, the root is from the Latin for SOUL. In other words a frozen forehead is a sign of death and soullessness. You SHOULD consider professional use of Botox and Fillers (such as Restylane and Perlane). If you prefer not to, do yourself a favor and do NOT fall for other bogus and some dangerous treatments. Dr. Peter Aldea

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Permanent treatment for facial lines

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Dear patient with facial wrinkles,

Unfortunately there are really no permanent fixes for issues with the aging face.  There are many options for facial rejuvenation that may take years off, but you will always continue to go down the timeline of aging.  What we can do is set you back 5-10 years depending on which treatments are right for you.  With that said, the best option for your facial rhytids would probably be botox and possibly soft tissue fillers depending on how deep your rhytids are.  At your age, you would probably be able to prevent deep facial lines in certain areas with good maintenance botos injections.  A superficial laser treatment may also be an option, but again is not a permament fix. 

Best of Luck,

Dr. Ginsburg

Mark Ginsburg, DO
Media Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Permanent Solution for Fine Lines & Wrinkles?

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Hi Indie.  Unfortunately a permanent solution to your issue does not exist.  Although you seem averse to considering it, it would seem that Botox and a dermal filler are your best option.  

Botox is the best and only real viable solution for the vertical lines between the eyes and the laugh lines at the nose and mouth might be helped by surgery gut would seem like an unusual step for soemone your age.  We recommend recosidering injection procedures.

Harold J. Kaplan, MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Lasers not always the best treatment for wrinkles

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There are a number of factors that cause facial lines or wrinkles. Typically in younger patients, the lines are caused almost exclusively by the muscles of facial expression. As we age, other factors such as sun damage, and changes in the composition of the skin, fat and even bone begin to contribute more.  The fine 'crepe' like wrinkles found patients older than yourself respond very well to laser therapies such as resurfacing.  However, in your case, there is nothing to fix in the surface skin. Botox is really your best bet for the forehead and glabellar (between the eyes) lines.  On occasion for extremely deep furrows this may be supplemented with fillers. I would definitely recommend an experienced Dermatologist or Plastic Surgeon as filler in this area has to be done carefully.  As far as the lines on the lower half of the face (melolabial folds), filler would also be a good option.  These lines do not respond well to laser treatments and your are certainly too young to consider more aggressive procedures such as a facelift.

Christopher Crosby, MD, PhD
San Diego Dermatologic Surgeon

Sun protection and good skin care prevent fine wrinkles in aging skin

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Sun protection and good skin care prevent fine wrinkles in aging skin. Hats, UV protective sunglasses and sunscreen applied every 2 hours in the sun are the best prevention.

Edward Lack, MD
Chicago Dermatologist

Fat transfer for permanent filler.

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A fat transfer would be a permanent solution to lines and wrinkles.  You should first try using injectable fillers and if you like the result, talk to a board certified plastic surgeon about a fat tranfer from a doner site such as the abdomen.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Botox for young people with wrinkles

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What you are asking for does not exist. As long as you are alive and moving you will be aging and creating aging lines of the face. The only thing we plastic surgeons can offer are temporary fixes or steps backwards as you continually move forward through life. Laser has its place but is not a magic cure for anything. At your age I would not advise anything more invasive than botox. It sounds like you have never tried it. Try it at least once before you write it off as a treatment.

Aaron Stone, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

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