I'm 27 and I Have Some Broken Capillaries on the Shaft of my Penis. What Do I Do?

I'm 27 year old male and when I was a teenager I noticed some broken capillaries on the shaft of my penis and all these years later they are still there.Well I'm sick of them they are ugly and unsightly. I've tried vitamin K cream it hasn't helped. I've been shy about going to the doctor because of the location of my problem but I was wondering if i did go what might the treatment be? and how much would it cost me?

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Pulsed dye laser is safe on the penis

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Pulsed dye laser treatment would be the treatment and is safe on the penis.  It would be mildly painful and would result in some swelling and bruising.  The cost is up to the physician, and many physicians would be uncomfortable with it.  However, yellow light only goes 2mm into the skin and any real damage would need to go much much deeper than that.  

Naples Dermatologic Surgeon

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