Upcoming Femal Surgery, Do I Need to Reveal my Facelift Procedure on Pre-op Forms?

I have an upcoming surgery, and I want to know for this surgery as well as other doctors that I may visit in the future. On all medical forms they want you to list prior surgeries. Do I have to list small surgeries (like foot surgery) and mostly, is it important that I list that I had a facelift? I rather not mention it at all.

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The WHOLE Truth and Nothing but the Truth

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I agree with my colleagues. As a non-physician you may not understand just how important a complete medical history is. Leaving any item out however embarrassing or seemingly unimportant may compromise your care and hurt you. It is best to be fully honest and forthcoming this way you will never have to lie and your doctors will have all the information they need.

Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Listing surgeries in history form

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My answer is yes, you should be complete and honest. Wouldn't you expect the same of your surgeon? There are things that your surgeon may be looking for in your history that you are not aware of such as your experience with anesthesia, or reactions to certain medications, or patterns of problems or surgeries. You never know when something might be relevant to your treatment.

Robin T.W. Yuan, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Answering doctors' questions

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Every patient wants their doctor to be honest and ethical. Likewise doctors want their patients to be honest and not hide or lie about their medical history. When a doctor who will be treating you asks you about medications and prior surgery it wise to completely and truthfully answer their questions. In the unfortunate case that an adverse event or complication occurs your hiding information can harm you.

Aaron Stone, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

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