Best Thing to Treat Wrinkles in the Cheek Area?

I am suddenly forming wrinkles on my cheeks What is the best way to treat this..

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Best Treatments for Cheek Wrinkles

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Cheek wrinkles are often due to several different things. Any wrinkle in the face represents a breakdown of the supporting layers of the face. For most of us, this occurs as a result of sun damage. Especially if the skin is thickened and spotted from years of sun damage, I recommend the patient think about the spectrum of RetinA to chemical peels, to laser resurfacing to improver the quality of the skin and remove some of the sun damage.

 Fillers can be helpful for the treatment of cheek wrinkles, Fillers can be placed directly into the wrinkle line or also as a tool to restore volume to the face. I prefer the hyaluronic acid filers, as they are much more predictable.

As the aging process progresses, the cheek wrinkles can also develop as excess skin buids up in the cheek, and the skin folds up like an accordion. Often sleeping on a particular side will develop "sleeping lines". Initially they may disappear upon getting up, eventually they are there all day. For these patients a facelift will help to remove the extra skin that was building up.

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Cheek Wrinkles

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How to treat cheek wrinkles would depend on their depth and cause.

If these are due to voume loss, the best treatment, in my opinion, would be Sculptra. Nothing restores volume as well as Sculptra. However, you must be patient with this treatment as the final results will take months. Jueverm Ultra Plus may also be used, but I think you would receive a better result with Sculptra.

If these wrinkles are very superficial, then a series of medium depth chemical peels along with a good topical regimen would be my suggestion. Topically, Tazorac cream at night and an anti-oxidant laden cream in the morning such as ReValeSkin, Vivite, or Aveeno Ultra Calming cream. 

If your wrinkles are a bit more substantial then you would benefit from fractionated laser treatment with Active FX/Deep FX or Fraxel.

Arnold R. Oppenheim, MD
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