Wrinkle Treatment with Least Downtime?

I'm 49, fair-skinned, with crepey wrinkles on my cheeks and lines by lips. If I don't want the downtime from facelifts or laser resurfacing, what are the most effective options? I don't mind doing something continuously. I'm not fond of needles though. Chemical peels? Thermage? If done frequently enough would microdermabrasion get rid of wrinkles?

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Wrinkle treatments with minimal downtime

To eliminate downtime from treatment, microdermabrasion might be your best choice. It absolutely works but repeated treatments are needed. Fortunately, treatments do not hurt and are modestly priced.

You can probably find a reputable plastic surgery office that sells them in a package so there would be a discount.

You can always add Titan to tighten your skin and further enhance results. No downtime with Titan either.

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