Can Wrinkle Fillers Be Used on the Scalp?

My husband is bald and it looks great on him, but he has a ridge on his scull that looks odd. I've had Radiesse, Restylane and Juvederm in my face. Can these be used to smooth out the ridge on his scull?

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Wrinkle fillers will only smooth soft tissue

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If the ridge is due to the soft tissue on his head, yes, a soft tissue filler will help to smooth the area and could be very helpful to improve the overall contour.

However, if the depression is due to a bony defect (resulting from accidents, surgery, tumors, etc.) then he may need more of a reconstructive procedure to specifically contour his skull and the bony deformity.

My recommendation is for you to visit with a board certified plastic surgeon that can better evaluate the condition and advise you on the options to treat it.

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