When I Smile the Line Between the Cheek and the Mouth is Not There for One Side? (photo)

The left side of face I have the line that forms when I smile but the right side of my face it is just big cheek fat. How would I fix this? I want to have lines on both sides of my faces when I smile. In the model photo below, that is the line I am referring to.

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Nasolabial line present only on one side

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Most people are not completely symmetric, so it's not uncommon to have one side of the face be different from the other.  The nasolabial line/fold that you have only on your left side may be due to how your face moves when you smile.  There is really not a way to produce a line on the other side, but there are possible filler options that could be used to reduce the line/fold on the left.  

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