Best Treatment for Under-eye Blood Vessels and Pigmentation?

I wanted to know which treatment is the most effective in removing blood vessels under the eye area as well as pigmentation? I have had laser treatment but after it healed they came back again. Thank u

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This is an area where there really is no great solution...

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This is an area where there really is no great solution unfortunately. The skin just happens to be very thin and very vascular. Many treatments have been prescribed but none has resolved the problem in most patients. Lasers are probably the strongest treatment against these issues and you have already tried them. Sorry!

Under Eye Blood Vessels and Pigment cCan be Improved with IPL-Photofacial

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Pigmentation on the lower eyelid responds well to IPL-Intense Pulsed Light or Photofacial treatments. The key is to wear sunblock, sunglasses, and a hat when in the sun to prevent recurrence.

Eyelid Blood Vessels are very difficult to treat. Small blood vessels do respond to laser and IPL. However larger visible veins are the most difficult.

Lasers that are powerful enough to close these larger veins risk burn injury and should only be attempted by an expert.

I have seen patients whose larger eyelid veins became less prominent after an eyelid tightening procedure.

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