Best Treatment for Under Eye Wrinkles at 19

I have read responses to similar questions but it seems that the best treatment choice is case-specific. I'm only nineteen and want to know which treatment could reduce my deep under-eye wrinkles without affecting the rest of my face. I would go into detail about why I have so many wrinkles at this age but there are not enough characters allowed per question.

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Lower eyelid wrinkles

Sorry to say I do not know of anything safe and reliable that will address this problem. If the wrinkles were near the outer corner of the eye you could use botox. In their present position botox would likely prevent you from closing the eye and cause other problems. My only suggestion would be to have your eyesight checked to make sure squinting is not contributing to the problem. Some one may try to sell you a laser treatment but the result will be short lived as long as the muscle under the skin (which is not affected by the laser) keeps moving.

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Start Botox or filler treatments slowly at young age

From your photo, it seems like the eye wrinkles you are referencing are subtle.  At your age, I would advise against any treatment, but if you wanted to try a small amount of Botox to see if it improves your concerns, it might be the best choice as its is the shortest lasting treatment.  Since you are so young, I would honestly advise against getting any sort of extensive treatment.

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How to reduce under eye wrinkles in a 19 year old

A small amount of Botox, no more than 1-2 units, injected into the middle of the lower eyelid about 1/8 inch below the eyelid margin should help relax those wrinkles.  These are usually due to having allergies or environmental sensitivities.

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Eyelid wrinkles at 19

It is rare to have problems with facial wrinkling at your age. Your wrinkles are very subtle, and in general I would discourage you from seeking treatment. I would strongly recommend avoiding smoking and always wearing sunscreen to help avoid premature wrinkling. If you do desire treatment, I have had great success with Pelleve treatments. They have been very effective at reducing fine wrinkles and there is little risk of complicatons.

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Best Treatment for Wrinkles Under the Eyes?

Hi DK.  For someone your age, we would only suggest one possible procedure - the tear trough injection using Restylane or Juvederm. 

This does not mean that we would actually perform the procedure.  It's hard to see "deep" wrinkles under the eyes in the photo, but there have been a few very young patients that we have treated for dark circles and volume loss under the eyes.  This is a hereditary rather than age based issue for these patients.  If we evaluated you in the office and felt this kind of procedure could benefit you, we may suggest it.  We would not have any other suggestions besides the tear trough procedure.


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