How to Treat Static Wrinkles - Crows Feet?

Hello, I have crows feet even when I am not smiling - static wrinkles. What would be the best way to treat this? Would Botox actually decrease some of the static wrinkles too? If not, what would be the best treatment? Thanks!

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Static wrinkles -crow's feet - respond to C02 skin laser

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Finer crow's feet lines will respond well to relaxing the underlying muscle surrounding the eye, with small injections of Botox.

Lines that still remain would be helped with a deep penetrating C02 skin laser. It typically is done with a couple of treatments. 

South Bend Facial Plastic Surgeon

Crows Feet treatment

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First I would address the reason for crows-feet wrinkles. These type of wrinkles are often seen in patients that squint so first of all I would make sure that if you need visual correction then use glasses or contacts (if not sure, have your vision tested) and use sunglasses on bright days.  Do not smoke, use sunscreens and moisturizers.    Now for treatment options: Botox by a qualified injector is probably your best option.  For well established static wrinkle lines TCA peel, or fractional laser often helps and in extreme cases surgical procedures to reduce these also are helpful. Redundant skin may require a pinch blepharoplasty or temple/brow lift depending on your exam.  A qualified board certified aesthetic surgeon  will help you find the right treatment for you

Static wrinkle treatment with Botox, filler and laser

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Static wrinkles require a combination of treatments.  Botox to stop any movement, fillers to add some volume, fractional CO2 laser to stimulate and tighten collagen, and sun protection to prevent more damage and thinning from the effects of the sun.

Martie Gidon, MD, FRCPC
Toronto Dermatologist

Botox can help keep static wrinkles from worsening

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Botox can help keep static wrinkles from worsening, but it does not eliminate them. The best current solution is laser resurfacing with a fractionated CO2 laser.

William P. Coleman III, MD
Metairie Dermatologic Surgeon

Botox for premature crow's feet

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Athough the crow's feet remain even when you are not smiling they are still considered dynamic lines because they are caused by the movement of the underlying muscle. The best treatment for them is botox which paralyzes that muscle. However if you simulate the effect of botox by spreading the skin on either side of the wrinkle and the wrinkle does not go away (efface) the botox is less effective in wrinkle removal. This is because the muscle action has gone on for so long that the deeper skin layers have been damaged much the same way as metal fatigues when it is repeatedly bent back and forth. In these cases botox alone is not enough and some combination of peel or resurfacing and fillers is also required.

Aaron Stone, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Static vs dynamic wrinkles

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Static wrinkles cannot be significantly reduced with Botox alone.  Sometimes there is some muscle activity even when you think you are completely static and this can lead to a little improvement with Botox.  But for static wrinkles, resurfacing with lasers or peels or the use of fillers is the main way to go.  If you are not using sun protection, all of these treatments are basically a waste of time and money.

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