I Had 3 Times CO2 Laser 2 Years Ago, Can I Have Another CO2 Treatment Done on my Face (photo)?

I had 3 times CO2 laser 2 years ago, 2 times skin needling 2 years ago, 2 times chemical peel 7 years ago, and my scars are less apparent now compared to the scarring I used to have during my teenager age. However, I still want to improve my acne scars, therefore, I would like to know the risk of 4th CO2 laser. Or any other better option that can improve acne scars with less risk. Will skin needling improve acne scar? Is there any limit to do skin needling?

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If you have had Laser treatments already and you have received results, another option is doing a mini face lift to stretch out the skin and that help with the acne scars. That is a lot more invasive but it will also give you great results.




Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

Treatment for acne scars

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The scars that I see in your picture are mostly ice pick scars.  My treatment of choice for ice pick scars is a series of CROSS treatments using 100% TCA.  I would recommend that you find a doctor who is experienced with CROSS TCA treatments. 

Richard Ort, MD
Lone Tree Dermatologic Surgeon
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