Is there any treatment for post-orthodontic TMJ pain?

i had my premolars extracted for orthodontic treatment. my braces were removed a year back, and im wearing permanent retainers now, i m experiencing severe recurrent TMJ pain since 7 months.. and i take muscle relaxants for it , is there any permanent solution for the problem? im confused about splint therapy , as it might affect my occlusion. please guide me about it

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Is there any treatment for post-orthodontic TMJ pain?

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The answer is yes but you're not going to like hearing what the treatment is. Extracting bicuspids to create space for crowded teeth is antiquated orthodontics. This type of orthodontic treatment has been proven to dramatically increase the incidence of post-orthodontic TMJ Dysfunction. Basically what has happened is by extracting bicuspids and pulling teeth back to align them you have trapped your lower jaw in a retruded position which creates several potential problems including TMJ Dysfunction.

The treatment is basically to undo what has been done. Open up the bicuspid spaces by developing the upper and lower arches and bringing the lower jaw forward. This can all be done with removable appliances. This is the permanent solution. You may have to wear a TMJ splint in the short term to resolve the symptoms you are having. A splint is typically worn for 6-9 months to allow healing. However, the permanent changes have to be made or the symptoms will just return once the splint is taken away.

Good luck!

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