Is There ANY Way to Correct This Deformity? This is the Result of Laser Liposuction. (photo)

I had Lipotherme procedure in April 2010, and this is the result. In April 2012, I had Aqua Lipo done, to correct this, as the Dr. told me that he could correct this deformity with the Aqua Liposuction. I have a burn scar from the first procedure, and NOW more uneven areas from the second procedure. I just want ot to look more even, I CANNOT wear a 2 piece swinsuit, nor do I want to be seen nude in front of a man! I hate that I had this done, and will regret it FOREVER.

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Can this deformity after laser liposuction be fixed?

Yes, the bulging can be improved with radio frequency which will melt the fat and reduce fat cells and the scar can be improved with a combination of radio frequency and Microneedleling  as in Fractora. Contact a plastic surgeon in your area who has experience with that technology.

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