Why is the Isotretinoin Course Shorter in the UK?

My son is 16 and it has taken 2.5 years to get a referral to the hospital, we had to go through every variation of antibiotic and topical face washes before he was referred. His acne was rated midway on the scale. His initial dose was 35mg for 1 month, after this a further blood test was performed and his dosage has now been increased to 65mg for a further 3.5 months. He is approximately 6 weeks in of the total 4.5 months and his skin is looking really bad, flaky, dry and suffering nose bleeds.

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Isotretinoin Course Length

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I'm sorry about your difficulty in being treated. Accutane regimes and strength depend upon a number of factors - type of acne, duration of persistence, level of acne, age, weight, dosage, and environment. For instance, in Las Vegas, patients cannot tolerate high doses of Isotretinoin simply because the dry environment has such an impact on their skin anyway. Most of my mild-to-moderate patients are on 20-40mg 1x per day for approximately 6 months. There is a mathematical computation to determine how much of the medication is needed and it's done in a mg medication to kg weight ratio. Your son's regimen sounds about right, and his side effects are normal. Dryness, flaking, and nose bleeds are all normal side effects. He should be using a good daily moisturizer, and Aquaphor for his nose and lips. He should also use daily sunscreen and avoid hot showers. Have him stick with the program - it will pay off!

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