What is Really the Best Thing for Scars? Especially Surgical Scars Under the Breasts?

I can usually find any answer to my questions on the internet, but how to treat scars has got me stumped. What is truly the best thing to treat scars, like under the breast and any other surgical scars? Is Mederma effective, or is there a similar product you can use that yields the same results? Thanks so much in advance! -CC

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Treatment for scars

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There is very little scientific evidence to support use of Mederma.  I recommend firm massage of scars with your finger which helps to flatten scars and improve the texture.  You could consider silicone gel sheeting which helps to flatten scars and reduce redness.  This is available over the counter at the drug store or through the internet.  This must be worn at least 12 hours per day.  Most scars improve on their own over time.  If you are very concerned about the scar, you should see a dermatologist to consider other treatments such as laser or Kenalog injections.

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