From retinoic acid cream to Adapalene gel micro .01. Will steroid reduce my post acne marks?

Is adapalene micro gel less irritant?im using the microsponge delivery system, i apply this 4x a wk. I was so irritated with tret cream nightly, new derm switched me to this on my 7th week. will this be helpful? I am also in topical steroid for red/dark spots(2x for 2weeks den 1x).Will steroid reduce my post acne marks? Will come back after a month for follow up. Previous derm gave me tret even with me having very mild acne, he keeps telling me irritation is ok & never tapered the meds.

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Retin A takes a few months to accomodate

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It takes a while for the peeling to get better. PIH is best treated with hydroquinones. I don't like prolonged steroid use on facial skin and shouldn't be used just for peeling. Chemical peels can be used for acne as well as lasers.

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