Question about nipple reduction surgery; why would a surgery to reduce length need to utilise this technique? (Photos)

In a MALE (myself), why would a surgery to reduce the length of a long, pointy nipple need to utilize the technique in the photo instead of just, say, cutting the tip of the nipple off at the midpoint or something? My understanding is that the technique shown in the photo is to preserve the mammary duct, but in a male, would that matter?

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Male reduction surgery?

Thank you for the question. You are correct in that the technique you demonstrate ("sleeve" technique)  is an excellent technique for  nipple reduction surgery for women.   I do not utilize this technique for male nipple reduction surgery.

For men who are bothered by the protrusion of the nipples,  nipple reduction surgery is a safe and relatively easily performed procedure with a very high patient satisfaction rate. This  procedure can be done under local anesthesia and involves  removal of a segment of nipple  and coverage with a nipple "flap".   Essentially, the lower segment of nipple skin/tissue is removed ( depending on how small the patient wishes his nipple to be)  and a superior flap is utilized to "reconstruct" the defect. Recovery is brief and scars unnoticeable. 

Please make sure you seek consultation with a well experienced board-certified plastic surgeon.

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Question about nipple reduction surgery; why would a surgery to reduce length need to utilise this technique?

Thank you for sharing your excellent question.  The technique you loaded is more commonly employed for women in order to preserve the mammary ducts and sensation.  In a male this technique need not be performed but I would not advocate cutting the nipple off as the scarring may not look natural and you will have an open wound for a period of time.  The better technique is when looking at the nipple you draw a horizontal line at approximately 1/3 the way down the nipple.  Your surgeon will then remove the nipple tissue below this line to the desired projection of the nipple.  The upper third of the nipple tissue that wasn't removed then folds over and covers the resultant wound.  Hope this helps.

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