Swelling from Plastic Surgeries?

I have had six surgeries within this past year and a half. I had jaw implants put in in august 08 and also had buccal fat removal at the same time. Then in sept 08 I had the right side made bigger to match the left side.

Six months later I had cheek implants and a nose job on feb 09. Then I had the implants removed and the nose retouched in july 09.

I've read alot that one year is the usual for swelling in cosmetic procedures but do you think because I had so many procedures so close together that my swelling will persist for alot longer than a year because the procedures did not have enough time to for the swelling and healing to resolve and because most of the sugeries where major?

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Prolonged facial swelling from multiple plastic surgery procedures.

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Yes this is many surgeries in a short time and it could explain the prolonged edema (swelling). Without commenting on why you had so many procedures, it is possible that there are other causes for your swelling that should be evaluated. In some instances, such as the nose, it can take up to two years to see complete resolution of swelling and settiling of the tissues,

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