I Squeezed a Blackhead on my Forehead and Now Im Left with a Small Deep Black Hole. What to Do?

I Squeezed a Blackhead on my Forehead and Now Im Left with a Small Deep Black Hole. What to Do?

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Black hole after blackhead extraction

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First, it's important to remember not to pick at or squeeze acne bumps on the face as this increases post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH - darkening of the skin). In many cases, this will fade with time, but agents to prevent further pigment production, block sun exposure, and increase cell turnover can all help to lessen the appearance of PIH. A consultation with a physician specializing in facial aesthetics can be helpful to review these options in detail.

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Acne scars with ematrix

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Atrophic acne scars respond well to Ematrix and fractional co2 laser. If you have pigmentation, we usually recommend a combination of lightening creams such as Melarase AM and Melarase PM.


Dr. Karamanoukian

Raffy Karamanoukian, MD, FACS
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Large Pores/Facial Scars

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I agree, most likely this will improve with time.  If not, I treat isolated scars with either a strong chemical peel or excision as previously described.  In the meantime, try to stop squeezing...

Hannah Vargas, MD
Kansas City Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Sounds like a dilated pore

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If a blackhead is large enough, after it is removed the oil gland which formed it can remain as a dilated pore.  Using Retin-A or another topical retionoid such as Tazorac regularly will help unclog the oil glands and prevent the build-up of skin cells, bacteria and sebum in the pore.  The pore should become less noticeable with time - if not, you may need to have a punch biopsy to removed the dilated pore.  This is usually closed with one or two small sutures, and rarely leaves a noticeable scar.

Laura E. Skellchock, MD (in memoriam)
Boca Raton Dermatologic Surgeon

Large hole / pore after squeezing black head

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This should get better with time. I would consider loofahs and scrubs. But you can talk to your doctor about doing more. If it doesn't fill in about 6months to a year, I would then consider TCA CROSS or other treatments.

Philip Young, MD
Bellevue Facial Plastic Surgeon

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