What's the Process for Addressing Siliconoma of the Penis?

i had a patient suffering from a siliconoma of the penis, what kind of the operations needs for him to repair his penis? can i have the summary during the operation procedure? thanks

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What's the Process for Addressing Siliconoma of the Penis?

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A siliconoma is a collection of penis in the body surrounded by scar tissue. The average, normal issue, penis does not come with silicone in it and I cannot think of any compensated occupation where siliconoma would be associated with an industrial accident or be covered by workmen's Comp insurance. For Silicone to end up in the penis someone had it injected in that location hoping to gain a larger volume. Unfortunately, silicone often causes serious scarring which is often painful on erection and in some cases ulcerates. The ONLY way to treat is is to surgically remove it. This may result in further scarring which may interfere with normal sexual functioning. You may want to refer your patient to a Urologist who works with a Plastic surgeon rather than taking matters into your own hands.

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