Developing Scar Tissue or is my Body Rejecting the Piercing?

First off,I have NEVER had an issue with piercings. I got my cheeks pierced Oct09. I had no problems initially but, in dec09, my left cheek started to develope a bump right next to the piercing site.The bump would vary in size for a while, Nowthe bump is just staying the same size. It leaks SOME lymph if I squeeze it but its mostly just a big ball of flesh w/no pain. Is my body rejecting the piercings? If so, and if I keep them in, will it go away eventually or is removal the only answer?I dont wanna loose them=( PLEASE HELP!

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Cheek piercing

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Is the fluid that comes out greater in volume when you eat or think of food? This might be a fistula, or sinus tract opening to the parotid gland or salivary gland. See an ENT facial plastic surgeon to explore this possibility.

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Cheek Piercing Fistula or Inflammation

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Hi Cream,

You should see a facial plastic surgeon, ENT, or plastic surgeon to evaluate your cheek. The piercing may have pierced a saliva duct, or may have caused an infection or inflammatory reaction explaining the discharge. At any rate, the piercing will most likely need to be removed. Good luck and be well.

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