Can Scar Revision Techniques Be Applied to Stretch Marks?

Hello Im a 25 years old male. When i was 18-21 years i practice bodybuilding My bodybuilding days left stretch marks in my arms. I went to discuss with my local surgeon a surgical alternative. He told me that we could apply scar reduction techniques to the stretch marks (we agree on z and w plastys) He told me that it would be a trade-off of scar by scar, but we both agree that it would be for the best change a scar for a irregular group of them. Sorry for the english :)

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Stretch Mark techniques

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I have treated many body builders for their stretch marks.  I do not recommend surgery to treat stretch marks because the resultant surgical scars may be more prominent than the original stretch marks you were trying to treat.  We have had great success wtih treating stretch marks with lasers and other devices.  We usually start with the Pulsed dye laser-for which we published the first abstract ever on stretch marks.  This helps the skin's depression, color, elasticity and extent.  There are many treatment options available for the improvement of stretch marks, such as the V-Beam, IPL, Fraxel and Pixel lasers as well as Thermage.  I suggest that you schedule an appointment with a board-certified dermatologist experienced in lasers for an in-person assessment. 

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Stretch mark options

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There are non-surgical alternatives that are showing promising results depending on the severity of the issue.  

RF (radio frequency) tightens tissue and therefore you will see a reduction in the appearance of the bands as the surrounding tissue will be tighter.  The width and length will be smaller.  There is also a technique of fractional ablation using a needle process that will cause the skin to be fractionally damaged and the body's healing response will be activated.  The stretch mark bands will appear less prominent and in some cases, the entire area will appear smoother.

it is imperative that you meet with a plastic surgeon or dermatologist who is qualified an has treated this condition extensively.  Ask for references and look through their before and after photos.  There should be many successes from their own patient base.

good luck!

R. Stephen Mulholland, MD
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