Revision On Two Eyebrow Piercing Scars?

I got a double eyebrow piercing when I was 16 and I wore it util I turned 18, now I'm 20 an I completely regret it. I took it out because it was migrating and I think it could of after another year reject, then I'd be left with a very unsightly cleft eyebrow. So I have two permanent holes in my eyebrow. What treatments are there to close them up? Whats the going rate?

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Eyebrow piercing scar treatment and scar revision

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Eyebrow piercing scars can be treated with scar revision and scar treatment with subcision and laser skin resurfacing. 

Scar revision

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There is no way to erase the scars. If I understand you correctly you currently have open tracts that connect each lower scar with the corresponding scar above it. If that is the case the simplest way to close the tracts is to remove the wall of the tracts with a circular cookie cutter like punch biopsy tool followed by suturing the mouths of the tracts closed.

Aaron Stone, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Scar Revision of Eyebrow Piercings

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Like all piercings, the scars left behind are those that are circular and indented in shape. Given that you had double eyebrow piercings that leaves you with four distinct scars. They can only be improved by their excision and closure of all four of them. You will still be left with scars but they will be smoother and less wide and, as a result, less visible than they are now.

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