What Can Remove These Dark Circles?

I am 20 years old and have suffered from dark circles since i was about 12 That is when i first got prescripted glasses that i had to wear daily. Now that I am 20 I got contacts but noticed horrid dark circles. For the past 1 1/2 years i have been dieting, exercising, and spent hundreds on makeup and creams to cover these circles. Is there anything you can suggest besides surgery? I'm only 20 and cannot afford the surgery but am considering seeing a dermatologist?

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No skin cream will remove your dark circles.

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Dear Lolita101

OK-bad dark circles.  Please do not talk yourself into surgery for these.  Anyone who offers you surgery for this does not really know what they are doing.

The best solution for these at present is under eye Restylane.  Simply, you are missing volume at the top of your cheek.  It is very difficult to know how much volume you need without a personal consultation, however it is likely that you need between 1-2 ml per side.  The treatment is likely to last well over a year before you feel ready to be topped off.  So yes, that does make this an expensive service.  Stay in college and get a good job!

The darkness is optical so don't waste good money on expensive skin bleacher-they won't do a bit of good. The skin is dark because there is no fat between the skin and the darkly colored muscle just under the skin. Filling the hollow just makes the area handle the light better and it is quite effective and helps with the heart shaped face. 

A dark circle concealer sort of works the same phenomena but using mineral particles in the cream that are reflective of the light hitting the skin.  In fact, if you have not tried a dark circle concealer, definitely start there. That is way less expensive than under eye filler.  

When you do decide to have under eye filler, please go to someone who knows what they are doing.  That won't be the nurse down the street that has opened an illegal store front where the only doctor is the name of the so-called medical director on a plaque.  Guess what-that's still an illegal operation in California.  

The under eye anatomy is complicated even for doctors.  Look for some one who does a lot of under eye treatment.  Hopefully they are also close to home because these treatments do need to be adjusted and you won't be having a whole lot of fun if you have to make several very far trips by plane to get your treatment adjusted and settled.

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