How can I reduce the (many) fine lines I have on my cheeks when I smile? (photo)

I am 32 years old and have developed fine lines when I smile - my crows feet seem to continue down over my cheeks and connect with lines radiating out from my mouth. They are not noticable when I am not smiling and I have no lines anywhere else on my face. I am quite a smiley person and grew up in Australia (harsher sun). What are my options to reduce these? They are bothering me a lot and I don't want them to get any deeper. Thank you.

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Fine Lines On Face

A combination of treatments will be useful for you here.  Topical vitamin A creams, neuromodulation with Botox or the like, and fractional laser (either ablative or non-ablative like FRAXEL) will be very useful.  You will have significant improvements with this combination. Seek a cosmetic dermatologist with experience in the treatment of wrinkles and skin texture and tone.  I wish you the best, Dr. Emer.

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