Treatment Options For Raised Scar After TCA Peel Under Eye?

Can Anyone help. I developed a raised circular scar under my eye after a tca peel done by a dermatologist . She did 3 passes with an 8% tca and then decided to dab with a q-tip an extra amount on a darker freckle. Now I have developed a circular raised scar. Its not red. I also got more pigmentation . How should I take care of this scar and will it flatten and fade with time. I have just been putting moisturizer on it. I cant tolerate hydroquinone either. Any suggestions please.

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Scar following peel

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That area of the peel may have resulted in deeper thickness injury to the skin.  For treatment, it really depends on how long the scar has been maturing.  If you are less then 6 months out from this, I would expect the scar to improve simply with time.  Scars can frequently remodel and improve even over a period of years.  For raised scars that are fairly fresh, I would avoid moving too quickly.  Perform some scar massage and use some silicone based topical treatment.  If the area is small and time and perhaps laser treatment have been ineffective, simple excision can often deal with the problem very effectively.  A surgical scar in the eyelid usually fades very nicely and is well tolerated by the patient.

Raised Scar after TCA Peel

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Hi CC.  It's difficult without a photo, but with most raised scars we use kenalog, a steroid, to debulk and flatten the scars.  A dab of TCA peel would not be our recommendation for a freckle, rather laser treatments are much easier and more effective.  We can also fix any residual hyperpigmentation associated with the peel.

We have an office in orange, CA if you would like to come in for a free consultation.  See before and after photos below for some scar patients.

Harold J. Kaplan, MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Eyelid scar tissue from a chemical peel burn

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I would begin with topical Melaquin AM and Melaquin PM for the hyperpigmentation.  The hypertrophic scar should first be treated with vascular laser to reduce the thickness of the scar tissue. 

Raffy Karamanoukian, MD, FACS
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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