A Raised Scar From Freckle Removal. What Can I Do?

Hello, i am 16 and a half now and i had a surgery to remove 4 freckles, two of the freckles were raised so i didn't need any stitches and 2 of them were not raised so i did need stitches. i used silicone sheets for about 1 month. 3 of the scars are very small and acceptable but one of them is raised (one of the two that i needed stitches) so recently i started to look for a solutions and saw a video on youtube which showed that rubbing the scar with a vaseline can help, so can it?what else can i

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Laser, IIT, and pressure treatment for a mole removal scar in addition to Melaquin cream

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A combination of laser, IIT, and pressure management may help these raised scars.  If there is hyperpigmentation, I would also recommend Melaquin cream for evening out the skin tone. 

Try creams like Mederma/ Contractubex/ Strataderm for raised scars

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Try creams like Mederma/ Contractubex/ Strataderm for raised scars, but it does take quite some time for any improvement to show. Vaseline may not help you much there!

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