Why am I gaining weight instead of losing?

I am usually a sedentary person. Since I have been trying to lose weight prior to my sleeve I have built myself up to walking 5 days a week and usually 1 to 1.5 miles a day. Of course I have a fitbit and get 10,000+ steps/day. I am trying very hard to stick with a healthy diet, but I do on occasion eat sweets. No where near what I use to though; like maybe 1 or 2 a week. Recently I have gained 6 pounds from where I started. Why am I gaining weight instead of losing?

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Calories and Weight Loss


Thanks for the inquiry!

While it may be common knowledge that if you lessen the amount of calories you intake versus the amount of energy you expend the end result would be weight loss, that isn't necessarily always the case. Due to your previous bariatric surgery, there may be many factors involved in the why of this weight gain problem. These factors may involve the effectiveness of the surgery, portion size, and/or amount of nutrients offered from the foods that are currently in your diet.

What I suggest is following a nutrient dense diet rich in vegetables, nuts, lean protein, and omega rich fats. These foods, along with a balanced diet and regular exercise, haven been proven to lead to optimal weight loss. Medical weight loss programs, such as the ones offered at my practice, could be beneficial for you so long as you follow your personalized plan to ensure the best results. 

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