What Was The Paperwork I Signed Before Surgery?

I had to sign a few different pages of paperwork before surgery, what do youthink they were? I have no recollection.

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Paperwork before surgery

That is a disturbing question. Either you are asking why you have post-anesthetic amnesia or you had to sign paperwork while under the influence of some medication. All paperwork of a legal variety should be read and signed while in full control of your mental capacities. Most good surgeons will present you with financial and infromed consent documents prior to the day of surgery so you can have time to review them. Sone surgery center or hospitals with have you sign insurance assignments of benefits, arbitration agreements, or consent forms just before surgery. If you were given sedatives or other drugs prior to signnig, that could be illegal and could have serious consequences

Robin T.W. Yuan, M.D.

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