AHA peel for acne scar treatment? (Photo)

I read a paper using AHA peel weekly for acne scar treatment in 3 months. Should i apply it? Thanks.

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Acne Scars Solutions with lasers, microneedling/prp, subcision, fillers

You'll want a combination approach to see improvement and this type of peel wouldn't help much. A combination approach of lasers, microneedling/prp, subcision and fillers in a series of treatments will give you better results. I recommend a formal evaluation with a cosmetic dermatologist for acne scarring treatment options. Best, Dr. Emer

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Acne scar treatment

AHA peels vary in strength, but all are superficial peels. Even the strongest AHA peel is of minimal benefit. For your type of scars, very little improvement would be seen. 

Your scars are ice pick scars and boxcar scars for which several treatment options exist. I recommend that you find someone experienced in treating these type of scars.

good luck!


Robert S. Bader, MD
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Peels for depressed acne scars


Sorry, but peels will not help you with your depressed acne scars. There are plenty of people who want your money who will tell you that it will. It will not.

Your best bet is find someone with subcision expereince who can release your scars from below and build them up in order to create a more flat surface. I like to use fat stem cells.

Good luck

Richard Sadove, MD
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AHA peel for acne scar treatment?

Thank you for the photo it is very helpful. I think AHAs are great but you need more to really help build that collogen and achieve the results you want. First I would start with excision of the deeper scars to make it easier and then do a series of micro needling treatments. You will need atleast 6 if not more and they can be done a month apart.

You definitely need to fin a Plastic Surgeon with experience in this area and he should be able to direct on the treatments for your condition. Good Luck!

Bruce K. Smith, MD
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