What Do I Do About Blackheads on my Nose After Rhino? My Nose Has a Lot of Blackheads, Mostly from Wearing Sunscreen. (Ugh).

I don't want to squeeze them out because i am terrified of ruining one of my grafts in my nose. How long after cosmetic surgery would you say it is less risky to go without sunscreen? Also, dermatologists suggest always wearing sunscreen, but even the highest quality 1s clog my pores. I am using Boscia oil free. I feel like having zit-less skin&wearing sunscreen are 2 mutually exclusive things. I use 4 prescription products for my acne right now & don't want2 tell my dermatologist about nose

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Pore clogging and sunscreen

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First off,  you need to make sure the sunscreen you're using is non-comedogenic, i.e. doesn't clog your pores.  There are many commercially available products that fit this bill, but you may also consider a physician dispensed sunscreen that may be more cosmetically  pleasing like Obagi or Hydropeptide.  Secondly, you most likely need to start using a retinoid medication topically (tretinoin, adapalene, tazarotene) which can be obtained from your dermatologist every night to help express the pores in this area.  Microdermabrasions and other physical treatments may also be quite helpful for you.

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