Fraxel, Erbium, or C02 Laser for Dark Freckles and Small Dark Moles? (photo)

I have dark brown freckles on my neck and a few on my face. They are not raised so I wouldn't consider them moles, but they have the pigmentation of moles. I was wondering if any of these three lasers works for this type of situation, and if so, which one will I see the best results from? Also, what are the risks from those laser treatments that work? I would say I have pretty light skin but I don't have pale skin so should I worry about the C02? Also, how many treatments would I need? Thank u

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Kind of looks like the spots are relatively flat skin tags...

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and if they are, it seems the choices you offered are much too invasive and expensive...a simple hyfrecator/cautery or perhaps a simple diolite laser treatment to the area should wrap things up in one session without any significant risk...

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Best Laser Treatment for Brown Pigment...Fraxel Dual 1927

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The four pigmented nevi that are on your photo appear to be rather dark.  The best laser treatment for these would be Fraxel Dual 1927.  It may take multiple treatments for improvement due to the darkness of the moles.  I would not think that you have any increased risk of adverse events with your skin type.  Good luck and be well.

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