Immediate Treatment of Neck Wrinkles on Pregnant Woman?

I'm a 40 year old pregnant woman. I feel I have a wrinkling neck and apparently so do all the plastic surgeons I consulted with.

Many people I come across are shocked when I tell them that I'm 40 (thinking I'm younger). Perhaps saying this is a charitable remark. I've read here that there is NO cream that will help the neck (aside from sunscreen).

If this is the case, will I have to live with my wrinkled neck for another year? I don't want to look like my children's grandma. Anything I can do to tide me over NOW?

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Neck wrinkles

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Most Doctors are hesitant to treat pregnant women with anything that might be absorbed into the blood stream.  You may get some improvement with neck creams, but fillers and lasering should wait until after you deliver.  Sorry, I know that isn't the answer you want, but it really is the safest approach. 

New Orleans General Surgeon

Neck wrinkles

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Neck wrinkles, depending on the cause, may respond to laser, chemical peeling or Botox (for wrinkles caused by activity of the "platysma" or neck muscle). There are some creams containing peptides (e.g. Netifirm) that can reduce neck wrinkles. I would consult with other board certified cosmetic physicians in your area.

Good luck.

Bryan K. Chen, MD
San Diego Dermatologist

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