What Can I Do About my Skin? (photo)

Okay, so I'm a 16yr old girl ,about to be a senior in high school, and I'm really self conscious about my appearance.-. Ever since 8th grade I've had acne. It used to be all over my face but now I get a few here and there. The thing is, I have so many blemishes and dark spots from the acne I had before, and I don't know how to get rid of them fast. I just don't want to go through my entire senior yr feeling ugly. I want to be confident in my skin this year. Help please :(

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What Can I Do About my Skin?

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Great question

Id reccomend doing a medical grade facial, deep cleansing along with a chemical peel, get on a good regimen using salicylic in your products. Make sure not to pick at any of the acne, doing so can make it worse and leave acne scarring, always apply an spf also to prevent any hyperpigmentation.. Good Luck

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