Stretch marks African American; is there anything I can do reduce the appearance? (Photo)

I had BA and developed stretch marks. Skin feels as though its burning. Is there anything I can do reduce the appearance?

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Treatment for stretchmarks

Thanks for your question. There are many options to improve stretch marks. One option is Endymed Intensif. This laser is the latest FDA-approved technology and the first of its kind to use tiny needles to inject radio frequency energy into the skin. It treats skin problems such as stretch marks, deep acne scars, dilated pores, and more. Many patients see considerable improvement after just one treatment session. There is little to no downtime required, and you can return to your daily activities immediately after your appointment. Intensif Micro- needling is customized to your skin type and skin tone and results are long-lasting. Hope this helps. Best, Dr. Katz

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Hi thanks  to share your concern .It  is noted about a few percentage of people develop striae in the breast within 1 year of breast augmentation cannot completely reduce the appearance of stretch marks ,but fade it with scar modifying creams and for long lasting results you can go for microneedling procedure.

Karthik Ram, MRCS, DNB
India Plastic Surgeon
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Erbium Fractional Laser for Stretch Marks - Safe on Darker Skin

Darker skin types are at higher risk for hyper-pigmentation from certain laser treatments. The Erbium laser would be effective at stimulating collagen production to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks, and is safe to use on darker skin. You should see a licensed dermatologist to discuss treatment options. 

Jason Emer, MD
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Stretch marks black skin on breast

Stretch marks are hard to improve. I would consider Infini, PRP, microneedling for this. There is a small risk of hyperpigmentation and some doctors treat with hydroquinone before and after to prevent this. Expect only mild improvements with any treatment.

Steven F. Weiner, MD
Panama City Facial Plastic Surgeon
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