Should Men Go to Female Plastic Surgeons?

If the whole goal of plastic surgery is to become more attractive shouldn't men go to women for their procedures? Since women know what will look attractive on a man. Although I know the vast majority of surgeons are men do they have the same type of judgement as females?? If for example a rhinoplasty is performed or a chin implant put in how can they tell the amount of augmentation needed etc?

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Surgeon gender

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Surgeons are educated in aesthetics during residency training, however it is true that intuition also plays a significant role. This may vary between surgeons and likely depends on many factors beyond just gender. Certain patients may feel more comfortable with female surgeons, however this is completely a matter of personal preference. Regardless of gender, I think it is important to feel comfortable with your surgeon and establish excellent communication pre-operatively to ensure that your goals and visions are similar. Best, Stephanie Power MD, FRCSC

Facial analysis before cosmetic surgery

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That is not reasonable. The corrolary to that would be gay patients should only go to gay surgeons, asians should only go to asian surgeons etc. Plastic surgeons undertake a residency training to learn these things. Furthermore it takes a bit more analysis than just saying something looks better in order to plan a surgical procedure. The amount of augmentation required is based on specific facial length - width ratios otherwise they would be no consistency between procedures in different patients. The requisite facial analysis is described in the referenced web page.

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Aaron Stone, MD
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Men patient, women surgeons

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That is an interesting question. My answer would suggest that while their might be universal traits, attractiveness is subjective and individual. One women surgeon might have a different idea of what an attractive man is than another. And if both use the universal measure, than it doesn't matter if it is a male or female surgeon. More importantly, I believe that what is attractive to a person, while perhaps linked to some degree to the opposite sex, should be an internal and individual judgment based on oneself.  It is the responsibility of, and challenge to, the surgeon to draw out a patient's own idea and desires. Thus, the surgery services the patient's desires, it shouldn't determine a patient's point of view.

Robin T.W. Yuan, M.D.

Robin T.W. Yuan, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

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Choosing a surgeon

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I think that there are very competent plastic surgeons who are female and many men would feel comfortable having plastic surgery performed by them.  However, I do not feel that just because the plastic surgeon is female would give her a better perspective on what would look good on a man.  That is because all women would have differing ideas of attractiveness in men.  I recommend that males looking for plastic surgery should choose his plastic surgeon on credentials and reputation of the plastic surgeon regardless of whether the surgeon is male or female.

James Tang, MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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Female vs male plastic surgeon

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I think that it should not matter male or female in terms of the surgeon's sex.  It is important for you to find a surgeon with a good aesthetic eye and good results.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Choosing a plastic surgeon

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There are a few things to consider, and sex, gender, race, and creed are not among them:


Board Certifcation;





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