Problems Losing Weight - Would Liposuction or the New HCG B12 Shots Work for Me?

I am a young single mother of 3 very young children weighing in at a whopping 270lbs! I have tried every diet there is out there and I have exercised every exercise there is and NOTHING seems to work. I drop maybe 40lbs MAX then plateau. I honestly don't care much about the number in the scale as I do about the image in the mirror and the ability to be more active with my children. I have exhausted all other options and I'm desperate for something real and long lasting. What would you recommend?

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Losing Weight

The HCG B12 shots should probably be your first attempt.  Many people are succesful with HCG and you do not have to have risky and expensive surgery.  The good thing with HCG is it teaches you a way to redirect your eating habits into healthier patterns and this can last well beyond the duration of the shots.  Talk with your doctor and look at before and after pictures to see if this is something that would be right for you.


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