Best Treatment For Lip Line, And Wrinkles About Lips?

Hi, I am 41 and do not have alot of wrinkles. I have had Botox in my forehead to relieve headaches and yes those frown lines. I do however have little lines above my lips and to the side of my mouth (1 side). I would like to know what procedure would be the best for this area and any other info that you can give me? Is it painful (botox wasn't nothing)will it hide them? ETC...

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Laser resurfacing for lip lines works best

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I would recommend some type of laser resurfacing to correct this problem.  I have  before and after photos, under my RealSelf profile, of patients with lip lines and you can see how I treated them.  For most lines, a combo of CO2  and Erbium lasers works best.

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