An orchiectomy and leaving the sack for later use for in construction of vagina, but when do I go for SRS?

52yr old getting ready to start MTF hormones in the next few months and have been thinking about an orchiectomy and leaving the sack for later use for in construction of vagina which would eliminate a t-blocker and reduce the amount of estrogen needed, but when I go for SRS will the price be more because of the orchiectomy, or pose an problem in construction ?

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Orchiectomy and SRS MTF

Thanks for your question. I would say that an Orchiectomy is not a mandatory and is not recommended prior to SRS MTF, especially in eldery patients, for several reasons.

1. Orchiectomy prior to SRS would result in contraction of the scrotum and unnecessarily lose tissue for new Vaginoplasty creation.

 2.  In your case, Orchiectomy has nothing to do with Hormones Effects and this procedure should be performed altogether with SRS, due to your age. Hormone Effects of appearance will be taken into consideration only for under 20 year-old patients.

In conclusion, I would recommend you take 1 year hormone prior to the SRS surgery. 

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