Dr Miracles Skin Care Treatment for Acne?

Hi I'm a 22 year old african American woman I've always had acne but not bad to the point that it was really noticeable until 2 months ago after I had my son now my skin is just going crazy. I've been looking for a affordable acne treatment system for african American skin and came across dr miracles acne system. Yet I'm afraid to try things especially those that have to do with my face. Have you heard of it or known anyone that has used it? If so do u think it's something I should try?

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Re: Dr. Miracles Skin Care Treatment for Acne

Based on what you described, it sounds like your acne condition is related to higher levels of hormones in your blood stream. These hormones will cause the sebaceous glands in your skin to secrete more oil. When oil is released it will take along dead cells and other debris with it. This will block your pores.

Because your condition is closely related to physiological issues, good results would depend on addressing these causes.

You should speak to a dermatologist about the best form of treatment. However, you may want to consider acne treatment with laser.  This treats multiple aspects by killing bacteria, clearing your pores and even shrinking your oil glands by burning away the outmost layer.  Here is a video with a patient example


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Best acne treatments for African American skin

It sounds like you are experiencing more severe acne flares as a result of the hormonal changes you have experienced post partum.  Your best option would be to see a board-certified dermatologist.  Although some over-the-counter products may be helpful when a person has milder acne there are many more effective treatment options available through your dermatologist.  This may be particularly important in someone with darker skin, as a delay in acne treatment can result in dark marks that persist for weeks to months after the acne has resolved.

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Acne treatment for black skin

Please go see a board certified dermatologist before you buy Dr. Miracles Acne stuff.  The only active ingredients in these products are low strength benzoyl peroxide and glycolics.  Not much.  Board certified dermatologists have spent years of training after their graduation from medical school to understand skin types, the current conditions of your skin and what treatments and medications would be most beneficial for you.  

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