I Am a Keloid Former I Wonder if Derma-rollers Would Work on my Indented Facial Scars from Acne and Chicken Pox?

i am a keloid former i wonder if derma-rollers would work on my indented facial scars from acne and chicken pox...please advice... thanks!

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Dermarollers vs. fractional laser for deep acne scars

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Dermarollers have a limited roll in acne scars.  There are new fractional lasers which are more controlled in their depth of penetration. 

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There is a small chance of keloids with dermaroller.

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There is a chance of keloids with dermaroller - but I have treated patients with keloidal tendency with dermaroller/ fractional radiofrequency with no negative outcomes. It does help  that the wounding is more controlled and precise with dermaroller/ RF. However, there is a small risk of keloids that you and your physician should be willing to take. Do discuss thoroughly with your doctor before you go ahead with the procedure. A good repair cream should be part of your after-care.

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