What are my choices to deal with pesky scar tissue that hasn't gone away four years post op? Can massage help this late? (Photo)

Months after my op, I had slight scar tissue build-up in my chest—nothing too concerning, livable. I noticed the scar tissue in my left pec fluctuated in size slightly over time. Massaging didn't help, so at 1.5 post op I went in for Kenalog shots to break up some of the tissue. It worked but it also left a slight dent when I flex. Now, four years post op, the tissue seems to have grown again. I began massaging vigorously again but it seems it only made it worse. The scar tissue has hardened.

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Massage question


The answer is yes - massage always helps.  Even if you are farther out than ideal.  The closer you are to your surgery (ideally in the first 12 months) the more massage will help shape your outcome.  With someone who is further out, it will take more massage over a longer period of time to effect the result you want.  And significant pressure will be needed to influence the scar tissue.  You may have to massage for a long time to get the improvement you are looking for - and ultimately it may not be worth it.  But it is certainly worth a try.

After massaging it is normal (and actually good) for the area to get a little puffy and a little red - because that means you have increased blood flow to the area.  Best of Luck!

M. Renee Jespersen MD

Fairfax Plastic Surgeon
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