Can Hyperpigentation Caused by Diode Laser Be Treated with IPL?

I have had three laser treatments on my nose to get rid of veins. The first two treatments were successful, the other was only two weeks after my last one and has left me with dotted light brown pigmentation across the top pf my nose. I went back to see my derm who said to leave it to settle for a month and then she would try IPL to remove the pigmentation. Will this work?

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Hyperpigmentation, laser treatment, PIH

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Hyperpigmentation follow laser treatment of blood vessels can be due to two causes. If the laser disrupts the vessel in such a way that blood leaks out into the tissues this may deposit pigment into the tissues. This is unusual with laser because it heats the vessels shut, normally without disrupting them. The likely cause is the "heat injury" to the tissues from the laser itself which can happen with almost any treatment that we do. In some cases, if the pigment is superficial we can use IPL to help with it. In others, a deeper laser or skin care/peels will need to be done. This usually resolves but can take months to improve. 

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