Hydroquinone Caused White Spots, Will They Fade?

Please help In order to eliminate a red spot I had since 5 years ago, the doctor gave me:morning depidermSF Uriage, evening two creams to use in alternate: one is called DC Dermoteca, it has some grape extract and is dermabrasive, the other a manipulate on the pharmacy with the following composition: 500 mg Hidroquinona Base 130 mg Metabisulfito de sódio 130 mg Acido ascórbiso Ketrel creme 30g Revolution Creme despigmentante 50 mL, i've made this for 5 months,now I have white spots will go?

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White spots from Hydroquinone

They should disappear with time. Remember to wear a sunscreen (SPF 30) every day. That will make the contrast between the spots and your normal skin less noticeable.

New York Dermatologic Surgeon

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