How Many Hours is Average to Be in Surgery Safely?

What is the typical time frame that you want to be in for surgery without increasing your chance of complications (with local anesthesia and iv sedation)?

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Anesthesia and surgery time

The question is really not appropriate. Both surgical and anesthetic complications may or may not be due to the length of surgery time. If you are old, medically frail or morbidly obese even a few hours can be dangerous. If you are young and healthy you should be able to tolerate 5 or 6 hours of surgery without a problem. It is a mistake to think that local anesthetic and IV sedation are automatically safer than general anesthesia just becuase you do not go to sleep. If the surgery to be performed requires so much pain control that the local anesthetic or IV sedation volumes required would interfere with breathing or reach toxic levels then general anesthesia with airway control is a much safer bet.

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