How can I help reverse recent cortisone injection induced skin atrophy or hasten recovery? (photo)

I recently had three pimples on my neck injected with what the dermatologist who performed the procedure assures me was a lose dose (3mg/cc. 0.2 cc total between the three bumps). My issue is that I am experiencing atrophy around one of the injection sites and it seems to be worsening. Is there any thing I can do to prevent any further trophy in the area? Is there anything I can apply or consume to help hasten a recovery of the loss tissue? Is silicone gel a good choice as a topical treatment?

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Patience or filler

The dose is relatively low (I use 2.5mg/cc, but up to 3.3mg/cc is usual dose) and the volume injected is correct for small lesions. The atrophy will completely go away in 1-3 months. If it is reallly upsetting to you, a touch of filler can help, or even just stretching the area with saline.

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For a pimple, 3 mg/cc seems like a rather hefty dose...

think most people typically use a dose of less than 1 mg/cc especially for the head and neck area...suspect no matter what you do, it'll take 2-6 months for the atrophy to wear off...if it really becomes an issue, some people may opt for injection of a filler into the the old days people used to believe in vitamin E as salvation for the problem...but the real cure is tincture of time...sorry you're having the problem

Ken Landow, MD
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