What to Do About Redness After Fraxel Laser?

I had Fraxel Laser for my acne scarring 6 weeks ago. It was very painful and the redness is really bad and it is still here. I have been told the redness will go away, but right now I have both cheeks very red with one side redness starts with a very clear line. What can I do?

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See Physician First

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The obvious answer would be to see the physician that administered the Fraxel treatment. He or she most likely encountered this problem before and could gauge the severity of the condition and then decide the course of action.

Generally, I like an LED treatment such as Gentlewaves. This does seem to ameliorate the redness. You should keep your face moisturized to allow quicker healing. Four products I like for this are Biafine (prescription needed), Aveeno Ultra-Calming moisturizing cream, Eucerin Redness Relief, and Aquaphor.

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