What Can I Do for These Hereditary Dark Circles? (photo)

I am 21 & feel these dark circles are significantly aging me, even with makeup applied they are affecting my professional & personal life. These are purely hereditary, as I do get my 8 hours sleep & eat a healthy diet. These have been very visible since the age of 6. I do live in Australia, so what procedures or treatments would be possibly available here to help treat this area? *excuse the first photo, i'm a bit of a clown. but it was the only one I had taken in a natural light :)*

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No substitute for a real consultation.


Having said that, I suspect that you would have a wonderful improvement with under eye Restylane.  This may not get rid of the darkness but it certainly would improve the under eye hollow and a little mineral power or eye concealer would do the rest.  Very important to do your homework and find the right injector.  Who does your service makes a world of difference.

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